Whatever it is – don’t put it off

My last post was on the tempest, Irene.  She kicked us around a whole bunch, leaving a lot of painful recovery in her wake, but she was nothing compared to the unnamed storm that dumped a foot of heavy, wet snow on us last Saturday.  The trees still had leaves on them and the result of the heavy snow on their branches sounded like we were being attacked, like shotgun blasts and huge crashes all around us – in fact, one hit the house – as the trees broke and came tumbling down.  In the process, we lost our power for six days.

Now, if you are a follower of my posts, you know about our cabin in the Adirondack Wilderness area with no electricity.  We are used to using kerosene lanterns and cooking over the gas stove, plus we had the snow to keep everything in the fridge cold, but it took Penny and me a while to realize that we had all the water we needed to flush our toilets in our rapidly cooling hottub.  Overall, the novelty wore off quickly, but we survived just fine.  We are in a long process of cleaning up now.

So why am I saying “Whatever it is – don’t put it off”?  Well, the day after we got our power back I got a phone call from my neighbor telling me that the man who built my beautiful house, at 57 years young, had just died unexpectedly.  We had seen him recently and he appeared to be fine.  It was a smarting slap of reality, right in the face.  I began my process of re-evaluating what I put my attention on, because I consider that the most valuable asset that I have to offer to myself and the Universe, my attention.  I used the focus to finish writing my book, “Living for the Health of It”, which will be published in 4-6 weeks.

Then, just today as I was doing my daily money-producing activity of calling people about their health and their future, I got the uppercut to the jaw.  One of my dearest friend’s husbands, at 49 years young, was found on Friday at the bottom of their stairs having suffered a fatal heart attack!!!  With tears in my eyes I took some very deep breaths and realized that I needed to sit down and write – not just for me, but for all of you as well.

There is no time like Now to do whatever it is that you intend to do, but just haven’t acted upon yet.  The dream will never become reality unless you have an end in sight, like a very clear vision board, and a plan on how you are going to get there.  This kind of news should be a wake up call every single day.  Waking up with a grateful heart on being allowed to spend another day on Earth moving toward your next dream being fulfilled is a true blessing.  I just got off of the phone with a Deacon of a Catholic church and he said a friend always says, “I am prayed up, paid up and ready to go up.”  That is a great attitude.

Whatever it is you are doing right now, well, reading my blog is wonderful, but you know what I mean.  Whatever it is, make sure it is moving your forward.  If you hear a negative nilly in your brain, that wretched little voice, then immediately replace the negative statement with something positive and you will reprogram your brain to ‘always look on the bright side of life’.

Balancing your energy to shine like the star that you are inside is in your control and is your future.  I talk about this in my book.  Look for it soon.

Peace and love to you and keep your eyes on the Now to make it the best you can possibly experience.

Tree on the power wires

Pine tree on power wires - photo by Penny Lefferts, http://www.photopenny.com


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