Irene – The Beauty and the Tempest

Irene is my Mom’s name.  I have always associated my feelings of love and safety with that name.  It’s ironic that this tempest blew through with such force.  I have known my Mom to be forceful and filled with energy, but never with the fury that this Irene has shown us.  At 83 my Mom is full of vigor and life and has an attitude toward the future that would put most of us to shame.  My Irene is a force for good in this world.

We weathered hurricane Irene this past weekend just fine.  We are still living here at Misty Grove.  It’s been over a year with the house on the market.  I would say that the housing market has had a way worse affect on me than hurricane Irene.  It is a sign of the times.  Where is this world going?  I guess we will find out pretty darn soon.

We were some of the lucky ones.  We didn’t lose power, whereas most of our neighbors did.  We had our coolers out to collect water.  We already had plenty of food and supplies on hand.  Actually, our idea of stocking up for the hurricane was to run over to our local coffee shop and grab a couple of extra lattes and frappuccinos before the big storm hit.  We have been sitting pretty and happy and have a nice buzz going.

Today (Monday) has blossomed with sunshine and cool weather.  It is beautiful out.  Desdemona comes out of the shop today.  She needed a new transmission.  Apparently, those late ’70s Mustang II transmissions are known for melting on the inside.  That is exactly what hers did.  She is a beauty, but all beauty comes with a price.  So, if I can get out into town, which proved very difficult yesterday in our excursion to see the effects of Irene, I will pick her up.  It is perfect cruising weather!

Penny and I recently returned from the Isagenix 2011 Celebration event in San Diego.  It was the best one yet.  Our company is growing in leaps and bounds and is leading the way for superfood technology.  I have been so inspired by the transformation on us both (and my brothers and parents and friends…) that I am now writing a book on living healthy and symptom free.  Look for future posts about it.  My goal is to publish by October.

We need to make a trip up to Heavenly Hill to see how Irene treated us.  With the change in temperature it feels like an early Fall coming.  I would love a few more nights camping out under the stars before the snow sets in again.  So much wood to bring in to get ready for Winter!  Irene helped us on that score.

I sincerely hope that all of you are surviving the current state of affairs well and in perfect health.  Let’s talk soon.


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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