A Night Under the Stars

Penny and I did something very special on Friday night. We spent the night under the stars up on Heavenly Hill. We had our tent with us, but quite spontaneously we both decided that it would be great to just enjoy the night sky, just the two of us in our sleeping bags by the fire.

It was the new moon that night and the sky was quite clear. From our vantage point up at around 800 feet above sea level, we are well above most of what lies out in front of us to the South through the Westerly view. Being the first of July we were pleasantly surprised to see parts of six sets of town fireworks rising above the hills rolling off to the South. The Danbury fireworks were quite clear, decent sized, and a lot of fun to watch through our binoculars. We could see Ridgefield, Brewster, what may have been New Canaan, and others out there in the dark distance. Very exciting.

We have an annual party that we go to so we missed being up on the hill last night when the New Milford set was due to fire off, right in our backyard. That should be fun to see soon, sitting by our campfire roasting bratwurst, watching the display. Perhaps next year?

We climbed into our sleeping bags at around midnight and Penny confided in me that she had never slept under the stars out in the open before. This made it a much more special event for both of us.

It takes a brave woman to do this type of thing knowing that a bobcat was sighted right across the street three weeks ago, and that bucks come through our property almost every night. I must say that I slept a bit more lightly with an ear open to the night, or so I thought! I didn’t hear her get up in the middle of the night for a bio-break, so some protector I was! Still, the only thing I needed to protect either of us from that night was the very heavy dew that set. It was like it rained.

We awoke to a cacophony of bird calls right next to us, so I relit the fire and we fried up some eggs and sausage. Right at that moment of enjoying our delicious breakfast an Inigo Bunting flew in and landed just yards from us. It is only the second one that I have ever seen in Connecticut, so I consider us very lucky to have them so close and friendly up on Heavenly Hill.

Once the Sun crested the treeline from the East and dried us all out, we packed up and hit the road. Later that evening, after I played a set of my favorite songs at the party, while we were enjoying the band, the night, the spectacular fireworks exploding right above us and showering us with embers, Penny turned to me and told me how special the night had been. She said “you were my first…”. Beautiful. That’s what love is all about!

The dream is alive and kicking, and it is only getting better…

Indigo Bunting from Free Desktop Wallpapers</a


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One Response to A Night Under the Stars

  1. Drew says:

    A night under the stars… Brilliant. I’ve gotten to do this a couple times in my life – once in hawaii, once in Colorado. Both were brilliant but they were with the guys, not with my lady. Can’t wait to spend some nights on Heavenly Hill with all y’all! Happy 4th

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