A Driveway to Dreamland

It is amazing to me how significant at driveway can be.  In many ways it is a metaphor for the future that Penny and I are building and sharing.  As of this past weekend, our driveway is cut in from the road and paved for 30′ (the required apron).  We drove on it, walked on it, stood on it, felt it with our hands, photographed it…

Now that we have a driveway we can drive onto the land and, in fact, down to the campsite where we pitch our tent and build our fire.  Now we can have my parents (both in their mid-80’s) come and visit.  We can have a party!  We can have a group camp out.  The dream has taken a major step into reality.

I have reached a point in my life where I do not want to have debt any more.  I have been a model American consumer and have gone from no debt to over $100k in debt, and back down again.  I am far from being out of debt, but not so far that I can’t see the bottom of the whole and know that I am almost done filling it.  That is when I begin to build my mountain.

Robert Kiyosaki is my guide and guru when it comes to understanding how to be rich.  If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and a copy of “The Business of the 21st Century”, and you are out of debt and have money to retire on, then you have either had an extremely well paying job, been well trained about managing money, or just darn lucky.  It borders on criminal that our school system doesn’t teach money management as one of the fundamental skills we all need to learn.  I guess that would be counter to the debt based society that we live in – and feed!

So, I have decided that I am going to build my house from cash flow, not debt suck.  I am diligently working with my mortgage company to short sell this beautiful house that I am the current owner of – one that I truly never could afford – and re-starting from scratch.  The IRS hasn’t started calling me yet, but they will unless I get them squared away (vital!).  There are some leftover college loans for my sons, but that is under $17k so I see an end to that as well.

At this point, it is all about generating cash flow.  I don’t mean going out and getting another limited income job with no future, because I can’t afford that kind of job anymore.  Really, none of us should be doing that.  I mean turning my passive income stream into a roaring river.  That kind of cash flow.  It is a great reason ‘Why’.

My advice to those who are willing to listen is to find a business, find a company, find a mentor and learn how to do the work.  For the right people, network marketing is wonderful!  It is financial freedom and life style!

The dream moves forward

Tent and future house


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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