Wow…what is happening here?

While I realize that I haven’t written a personal blog entry in three months, I have been thinking about the many things that I would like to blog about when the moment strikes.  Then I go and write an entry and submit it to, my business partner’s site.  A lot of my best work has been flowing through that channel, and I am loving it.

However, that leaves my personal trail getting mighty thin on bread crumbs.  So, as I sit here waiting for my guests to arrive to watch the American Idol finale (yes, I have seen all 10 seasons start to finish) I started to think about something that is very important to me.

Recently a young and wise, but foolish, man entered my life.  Why is he wise, because he enrolled on my team into Isagenix.  Why foolish?  Because he hasn’t called me for two weeks now.  We have a lot we are going to do together and I am anxious to get it moving.  He gave me a book at our third meeting together.  It is all about Power versus Force (that being the title…) and it is a life’s lesson through science.

The science in “Power vs. Force”, by Dr. David Hawkins, is kinesiology.  Yet, every chapter is a lesson in one theory of the Universe, or another.  Chaos Theory.  Deep stuff!  Yet throughout it all he is conveying his message about how kinesiology is the key to understanding the nature of everything.  The inherent goodness or evilness of it all.  It is a powerful lesson (no pun intended).

If you have been following my bread crumbs through the past blog entries you will see that I am moving.  Moving to my dream.  Moving to my dream house.  Just moving in general.  I am changing my life so that new things can happen and I am projecting my new life before me as my guide and manifestation.  It is working, but oh, so slowly.  No one ever said how fast it happens.

I have been at odds with my new town Public Works.  They are asking for something that is new to all of the contractors that I am talking to and I am getting a lot of push back from them.  In my new vision, attempting to use force with the PW department is a road block (so to speak).

Yet, through thoroughly researching the issue (it has to do with guiderail anchors of all things) I have been able to gain the power of information.  By presenting options I have been able to come up with a compromise between the desired outcome and the reality of the PW demands.  We are all going to come out happy in the end, which I hope is within a few weeks.

Power is something that you earn, something that grows within you when you raise your level of integrity and being.  Power requires no energy.  Force is all about energy.  Force means opposition by it’s very nature.  Power bears influence and agreement.  Force bears anguish and defeat on someone’s part.  In my humble opinion, that someone will always be the wielder of force.

So, when faced with every choice in life, the wise choice is the one that helps power to grow within you.  The foolish one requires energy to try to force the outcome.  My advice here is to read the book and learn how to measure the power of your mind and what you are attracting by your decisions, actions and beliefs.  Find your power, lose your force.

When Obi-Wan says “use the Force, Luke”, he isn’t referring to using force to try to defeat his enemy, he is referring to finding the power of life in the Universe that is a force to behold.  It is all semantics, but not in practice.

Here is my love to all of you from the very depths of my Soul, which has no final depths.  It is infinite.  It is bliss.

Power vs. Force, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior: An Anatomy of Consciousness


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