Heavenly Hill

These are most interesting times!  Most everyone that I know is in some kind of major upheaval in their lives.  Changing jobs, severe illness in the family, foreclosure – these are really tough times.  However, behind the scenery, so to speak, there is always opportunity and this is a great time for change.

My blog is about change, whether it is for good or for bad is just a matter of what the consequences of each of our choices turns out to be.  Sometimes we make our own choices, sometimes they are made for us by external circumstances, but we always get to choose how we are going to react while standing at the crossroad; we always get to choose how we feel about it and what actions we are going to take.

Misty Grove, our beautiful home in Bethel, is under three feet of snow with more on the way tonight and tomorrow.  Where to put it all?  Anyway, it has not kept away the lookers.  Every weekend since the first of the year we have had two or three visits from realtors with ‘potentials’.  Two of them have come back for a second look – one brought a father along the second time.  It looks like we are finally in the sweet spot where this house is concerned.  The bank is getting very antsy and we are good and ready to make a move.  Come on with an offer already!

In honor of the great change that is taking place for me and Penny we sat down today and put together a slide show of Heavenly Hill, our next home, up on Dorwin Hill in New Milford.  The more clearly we see it happening, the sooner it will happen.  The more intention that we put towards it, the more real it becomes.  We drove to Pennsylvania a couple of weekends ago to watch one of the PrecisionCraft log homes being put together. Very cool!  They are ready for us, so now we want to be ready for them.  Come on lookers!  Make a decision and go for it!

So here is a little tidbit of what life was like on Heavenly Hill this past Summer and Fall, brought to you by all of us here at Oroboros Studio (me, Penny, Obi and Riley), set to a song that I wrote many years ago just for this occasion (it seems).

“Never give up, never surrender!”  That is exactly how I feel about it all.  Sometimes I hear the damn little voice trying to get me nervous, or shake my beliefs, but that is all it is, a damn little voice.  QUIET!  That is how to stop it.

For now, I will hear the song I sing inside my heart…

Dream on…


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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