Binary Day

Today is Binary Day:  01.01.11

Do you make a New Year’s resolution?  What is that all about anyway?  Why does it have to be at the end of the Old Year that we need to make ‘a resolution’ for the New Year?  I resolved a long time ago to put all of my energy toward making my dream into a reality, so I renew that resolution today.

Actually, anything that I resolve to do as my New Year’s resolution is actually something that I have already resolved to do to my fullest in my life, because there is no better way to live.  To me, there is nothing different about the coming of this day, whether it be a binary number, or the first year of the next decade of the 21st Century!  I just think that it is pretty cool that it is a binary number.  010111.  Wait a minute!  That’s six digits.  Any Latin scholars out there?  Isn’t that actually a sextal number?  Hmm, sounds like an even better way to usher in the first day of the new decade of the 21st Century.

After ushering in 010111 in just the right way, part of it spent in the hottub on a beautiful, mild morning for January, it did turn into a day of reflection.  We met with our realtor about Misty Grove.  While there is deep sadness in letting go of this wonderful place, I am truly not attached to it.  For the dream to move forward, Misty Grove must fade into the past.  I have lots and lots of pictures, beautiful ones, so it will never be forgotten.  14 years in one place.  However, it is the personal depth of this feeling that has kept me from writing my blog entries.

I am now facing what the American Dream has so easily faded into for so many people.  Almost 58, in a house that is too large for the way that I want to live, with a mortgage that is sucking down half of my life effort.  Some things have had to go, but some come back to demand their just day.  One of these is the IRS.  They never go away!  Getting into the place that I am today is not entirely my fault, having made the choices that I have made over the last few decades, all with good intentions, but the path of good intentions is paved with brimstone.  It can turn into Hell out there!

All is not lost, as it may sound.  There is always work out there for an industrious, creative, outside the lines thinker, such as myself.  I am a realist and a practical person, intensely logical, and I have an imaginative soul.  Put it all together, open it all up to the dream, let the Energy of the Universe flow through the middle of my being and amazing things will happen!  It’s a beautiful thing.

So that is my New Year’s resolution.  I resolve to Let the Energy of the Universe Flow Through My Soul so that I, too, may Act as the Creator!  Amen to that!  Let’s get it on!

The real Misty Grove

Universe Energy at Misty Grove


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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