Lean times

This has been a lean month! So much is changing, which is exactly what I am looking forward to, so it is all good. It is just that the cash flow has dipped to a trickle. A tricky trickle.

I have begun the process with the ‘lender’ to let go of the current house at Misty Grove. It is a bittersweet feeling. It is an amazing house and home. It is beautiful here. However, it has too much of the past invested in it and not enough of my future. Emotionally, financially, physically. Just too much. I have wanted to make a move for quite some time, but I just had to wait for the right time to see it all start happening.

I just had the most amazing phone call. My heat wasn’t working properly in my main living area, not a good thing when it didn’t quite top 25 degrees F today. I wasn’t in danger of a frozen pipe mess, but it has been getting quite chilly here, never cresting 60 degrees F in the living room unless I took manual steps to make it happen. So, I called my heating expert in and found out it was a stupid problem. You have to love it. A problem with the seating of the thermostat. All fixed.

However, in the process, we started talking about his website. It turns out that he didn’t have one. So, we traded. My domain knowledge to get him started getting a brand going on the Internet for some covering-my-ass fixing of a stupid problem. After he left I got back down to the current data modeling that I am doing for a company to pull their ass out of their fire.

Around about 4:00p I got a call from him and he was with his friend who owns a construction business in New Milford. We talked in great detail about how to optimize his website and how to stop bleeding money through Pay-Per-Click that was yielding no results. There are better ways to approach branding that don’t require a hefty monthly expense (ask me more about that). In conversation it turns out that his father used to own The Land! He was the one who sold it to Angel, et al. Amazing! I love the synergy of it all. He lives right next door, alongside his brother. Just wonderful.

So this holiday season is providing some angst, which it normally does, but it is never fun to be cash poor at Christmas. Well, I know I am in a huge majority these days, so I can deal with it.

By the way, I have been submitting blog entries and articles for one of my colleagues and favorite people, at http://www.DrewBerman.com. Articles on Nutritional Cleansing and Chocolate Nutrition. Great stuff! Most of my writing efforts have been going there these past couple of weeks, but this is my personal stage and I want to give myself the time to share with you.

So much is poised to take place and it will all start rolling after the holidays. Until then, I find myself in the spectator’s seat for a big event…

Links for you:

Nutritional Cleansing



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