The Holiday Season is upon us

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to just sit back and reflect on the current situation.  Now is one of those times for me.  The JOB stopped a month ago and cash flow has dropped to become a treacherous situation.  The new business is building, but not generating an ‘independent’ living, which is par for the course.  Yet, it continues to grow nicely.  However, the bills do keep coming…

So, the Law of Attraction kicks in.  “You attract what you are, not what you want. ”  I guess this means that I am still a database architect, because that is what I just attracted to me.  I spent the last couple of days doing something that I love doing and get paid well to do it.  With a room full of people I had the great pleasure of directing a deep dive into the business of Home Healthcare and derived the first pass of an awesome data model.

What is so awesome about it is that it brings together a group of people who analyse and argue (in a constructive way) the way that they do business together.  It builds a team.  It is always interesting to watch the process – to see who knows what and who has assumed what.  People come together and meet on common ground with terminology, methodology and logic.  When everyone has spoken, then the model is done.  It took nine hours to get it to a first resting point.

Team building is what is going to allow us all to work together to accomplish ‘the impossible’.  One of my favorite little signs that I first read in about 1976 reads:

“We the willing, for the ungrateful, have done so much, for so long, with so little, that we are now capable of doing anything with nothing!”

Sometimes I just feel that is so true.  Yet, we can still achieve what others think is impossible.  When people focus their attention, truly focus it, they can achieve unbelievable results.

‘Tis the season to be jolly…fa la la la la…  That isn’t going to focus anyone.  This is a distracting time for people, the Holiday Season, and many people I know just decide that the work that is going to get done this year is now done, and that’s that.  The focus turns to the parties.  But, many of the people I know also get pretty depressed at this time of the year.

It can easily happen.  Spending money we don’t have.  Drinking and eating more than we know we should, partaking of things that we know we shouldn’t.  Being hectic and dealing with impatience.  Tolerating people we don’t like to be with.  It can be very depressing.

However, I have never looked at it this way.  To me, it is still a time for focus and vision, and a time for sharing life with family and friends.  I choose to look on life with humor and steadfast belief, so I have a good time in virtually everything I focus on.

Last week I went into a TV studio and recorded a couple of songs for the Holiday Season.  I was blessed to have a world class flutist enter the studio at the same time.  The wonderful Ali Ryerson joined me on this tune that I now send out to you.

Have a great holiday season by choosing to enjoy it, not to fret over it.  Peace.


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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