Newton’s First Law

I’ll do it tomorrow.  That is exactly what someone just told me during our phone conversation.  I was saying that the time has come to do it today and their response was “Tomorrow is probably a better day to do it”.  I said to them that you can always do it tomorrow, so just do it today.  Do it now.  Get started.  There was a long silence on the phone.

I put off working out until ‘tomorrow’.  I have been feeling like a slug.  Today came and I started.  It’s just that there is no “tomorrow”.  There is only today.  There is no “yesterday”, there is only now.  I sound so profound, but it is so true.  One of my dearest friends has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer.  There is no waiting until tomorrow for him.  There is only now.

If you live in ‘Tomorrow’ then you are basically unwilling to act today.  There is fear of the unknown (coming from that Little Voice, you know).  There is unwillingness to take the risk of failure or embarrassment.  There is inertia and inactivity.  “A body at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force”.  Now that is really profound.  Sir Isaac Newton came up with that one a long time ago, and he was thinking of the physics involved, but it holds true in our lives just the same as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

When we dwell in the past we can become bitter, depressed, judgemental, melancholy, and unable to act.  There are always consequences to our actions and the past is the measuring stick that we use to make our next decisions.  But the truth of the matter is that there are no good or bad decisions.  There are only the consequences that we then have to live with.

When we act, things happen (being in the Now).  When we react, then something happened to us causing us to then act (living in Yesterday and Tomorrow).  Which mode are you in?  Action or Reaction?  Action means taking your own lives into your own hands.  Reaction means letting others control your decisions and, ultimately, the consequences.

I have played it safe for a long time now, but I have lived in a semi-dream state.  In other words, I have a beautiful home and a lot of things that make my life comfortable.  I guess that I am fortunate that way, but this is the reality that I have created for myself.  The big problem, the consequence from my past decisions, is that I am not living my dream.  I do not choose to live like this anymore.  I have been living in reactive mode.  Not any more.  I am in action mode now.

The Land, The Car, The LifeStyle.  These are my decisions now.  My beautiful home is not the home of my dreams.  It is what I have manifested under my old belief system.  My next actions are going to bring about major consequences, but I fully believe that I will deem them as good-to-great, because I am directing them, not waiting for things to happen.  I am in action now.

So, I now understand that Newton’s First Law was right about everything except the ‘outside force’.  It turns out to be an inside force that manifests change where peoples lives and future are concerned.  “A body in motion tends to stay in motion, unless acted upon by an outside force”.  That is the true law.  It takes an inside force to make the The change, get into motion and then to keep the motion.  The time to act is now.

The World in motion:


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2 Responses to Newton’s First Law

  1. lynmontes says:

    Thank you Seth for your words today I very much enjoyed reading your blog. It is so true we only have today as tomorrow never comes and the past is gone, so today is all there is. Life is short and meant to be lived. It seems like we all start out with good intentions and then life gets in the way. And yes before you say anything I realize that it is us that lets that happen, it is we that sabotage ourselves mostly. For me it is fear mostly that is holding me back. Fear of failure! And yes fear of Success as well. Will I be able to maintain it? Can I be the leader and mentor I so want to be? Am I worthy? Usually I know what I want to say so I open my mouth and no words come out and the moment is lost. I have always been a behind the scene kind of person for reasons I won’t go into, someone who supports and encourages others to reach their goals and dreams. Trying to focus on my dreams is a real challenge for me.

    • Lyn,

      There is a leader inside all of us. There is also a follower, a conformist, a non-conformist. We have the ability to be anyone that we believe that we are. Did you catch the keyword there? Belief. Our actions are all based on choice, as are our emotional reactions. While it is true that our emotions can be triggered without conscious control, the choice of how we react is entirely a conscious decision, but it is governed by the Little Voice, and that little voice is speaking from past experiences and is usually telling us that we can’t be who we want to be for one reason or another. It is time to filter out the static and tell it to STOP. Literally. Say it out loud when you catch it beating you down. Your life and belief system will change. :o)

      I am looking forward to talking with you again.

      Sincerely, Seth

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