Change is happening fast!

Gloomy cold and windy.  It is truly the first day of Winter that has descended upon us here in the New England countryside.  I am tucked between my cats, Obi and Riley, as they keep close for body contact and warmth.  I am feeling antsy.  There is a lot to do today, and I have already accomplished some wonderful things, but it makes me restless to hear the wind blowing cold on this grey day.  We woke up to our first snow, albiet very little, but still a white dusting and ice everywhere.

Each day is a new opportunity to further the dream down the path.  We spent the morning reviewing plans from prior experiments in log home design and talking to people about life, decisions, Isagenix (we gained a new member of the team this morning!), money, fortune, wealth, focus, clarity, belief.  Yes, above all, belief.

It feels odd to come to my senses about how I have been enabling others to be less successful than they might be otherwise.  I have removed some of my support to stimulate change.  Have you ever wanted something for someone else way more than they want it?  I have.  I acted with the belief that if I gave them something that they would appreciate it and want to learn how to get it themselves.  Ah, I blew the adage…”give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

I have been giving out fish with the hopes that others would want to learn how to get them themselves.  Foolish me.  Yes, they may love the ‘fish’, but I have been doling them out dutifully for a long time now.  I have put a stop to it, now that I have gained perspective on the result.  I wanted them to have what I have much more than they want to have it.  I feel like a hard-ass, but I now know that I can’t keep doing what I have been doing and expect a different result.  Now I sound like Einstein, but now I understand it through personal experience.

I have been proud to appear affluent and to be the care-giver, placing others’ needs before my own.  It took this period of financial flux to bring about change, but it is all part of The Plan.  It has already stimulated some deep-hearted discussions and I know more are coming very soon.  Many more.  My life is all about change now.  With my change I invoke change in the others that are closest to me.  Ah, The Personal Effects of Relativity as experienced by me and my relatives.  It is a wonderful time for change.

Trees changing

Everything is changing as Winter approaches


About Seth Lefferts

IT Consultant, LifeStyle Coach, Author, Musician, Composer, Photographer
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