And so it goes!

Well, it happened, just like I dreamed about it for seven years!  We now own The Land.  Eventually it will have a name, just like I named my current home Misty Grove.  It has to earn the new moniker, though.

Penny and I are extremely excited.  What we dream, we dream together, and this is the start of the next big change in our lives.  We heard a quote last night.  “Everything that happens to us, the good and the bad, is a part of us.  It doesn’t have to define who we are.  We get to decide that.”  (Sarah Sidel – CSI).  We were both moved by this enough to jot it down and talk about it.  We have each encountered our share of the wonderful, the sublime and the mettle-testing events in our lives.

When Pen and I met we each carried our own baggage from prior relationships and experiences that we have been building into our personal stories since birth.  How did my parents treat me?  Did it give me the full sense of being loved, and therefore being lovable?  It took me many, many years to overcome my need to ‘fix things’ in my partner to fit the things that weren’t whole in me.  We are lucky that we found each other at a time when each of us has let go of the anger of past abuses.  We are now capable of deciding who we are in our relationship with each other, and with ourselves.  It is very liberating.

I keep talking about the little voice in our heads.  That is because it is the power of the little voice to cause us to act in abusive manners – to ourself and to others.  We give this voice ultimate power over us until we become aware of it.  Each of us has the power within to take control and to silence our internal abuse.  We only accept it because we have been brought up with the negative message reinforced throughout our lives.  Most of us just do not get the unconditional love and support that helps us to unleash our full potential as human beings.  It is beyond our reckoning what power really lies within us until we begin to truly believe in it and tap into it.

Our little voice isn’t always negative.  There is truth within.  Remember what I quoted last time.  The Truth Persists.  There is wonderful stuff to listen to in there.  Think about the pre-dawn hours of half-awake thoughts bouncing around as spoken to me by my little voice.  I have solved many riddles in my life by listening at the right time.  This is the voice that tells us what we can do. This is what defines who we really are.   Then we attract things.

The power of attraction!  Another amazing quote, “you attract who you are, not what you want”.  So, who are you?  Who am I?  I am the source of creative genius that flows through me from the untapped reaches of the Universe.  I am the center of Gravity that attracts all things to me.  I am the Human Spirit fully aligned with the Spirit of Being.

I feel great!  I hope soon that you will be visiting us in our dream house on our new land – Our Land of Opportunity.

Fall colors on The Heavenly Hill

Fall in New England!

Our Ring of Fire on Heavenly Hill

Our Ring of Fire on Heavenly Hill


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